Have Multiple Domain Names to Attract Web Shoppers

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IT'S COMMON SENSE that your Web site domain name (site address) bears the name of your store. But according to a recent article from the National Retail Federation's Stores magazine, you shouldn't stop there.

Buying multiple domain names may help increase your Web traffic, the magazine says. For example, if your dealership's name is hard to spell, you also may want to buy a domain name with the incorrect spelling of your dealership to capture the audience that otherwise wouldn't be able to find you.

You can also capitalize on your location by having a generic domain name with a city or state. If you're a dealer in Iowa, purchasing www.iowamotorcycles.com or even www.desmoinesdealership.com may help drive traffic from potential customers who aren't familiar with your store, but are looking for a one in your neck of the woods. Southern California Motorcycles in Brea, Calif., is one of many Top 100 dealers who employ multiple domain names. Its main site is www.socalmotorcycles.com, but it also owns www.socaltriumph.com and www.socalducati.com to attract potential customers looking for those specific brands.

Purchasing multiple domain names also doesn't mean you have to have content on every single site – you can set up each domain name to redirect and feed traffic to your current home page.