Heated gear extends the riding season

Publish Date: 
Nov 1, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

Extend your customers’ riding season — with a little extra voltage.

Heated riding gear is made for enthusiasts who want to get in every available day of riding, even if it means bundling up and bracing for the “Are you crazy?” comments from friends. (Admittedly, it’s also for riders who think anything under 70°F is sweater weather.)

There are a number of heated options, including some new products that debuted just in time for the winter. Here are a few ways to make the riding season last as long as possible.

Venture Heat’s 12V heated jacket liner ($269) is part of the company’s Grand Touring Collection. The liner is operated wirelessly so the wearer can control the three different heat settings through a button mounted on the handlebars (see right). The heating elements are located in the front, back, sleeves and collar, and they are constructed of a thin microfiber designed for less bulk. The liner, which also doubles as a windbreaker, comes with pre-wired glove connectors.

Other new additions to the Grand Touring Collection are 12-volt heated pant liners ($170) and 12V Grand Touring heated vest ($180). Venture Heat has a wide range of other heated gear for powersports, including specific options for snow sports. www.ventureheat.com

Although it not electrically heated, the new Pursuit Handwarmer ($28.95-31.95) from Moose Racing is worth mentioning. The Handwarmers mount to ATVs and have built-in pockets for warmer packets. The 600-denier nylon is water resistant and easy to clean up. www.mooseracing.com

The EX jacket ($399.99) is new to Gerbing’s Coreheat12 line of 12-volt heated apparel, and it includes a Cordura shell and a maximum heat of 135°F for cold-weather protection. Plus, there is soft armor on the back, shoulders and elbows for protection from the asphalt.

The EX pants ($224.99) have the same waterproof Cordura construction and impact protectors. The matching EX heated gloves ($189.99) complete the EX options in the Coreheat12 collection.

In the Coreheat7 collection for 7V power, the softshell vest ($224.99) has a micro-poly lining and a maximum heat of 135°Fahrenheit. The vest is available in both men’s and women’s sizing. www.gerbing.com