Heated gear extends the riding season

Publish Date: 
Nov 1, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

There are still a slew of go-to heated products for the winter, like the Synergy liners and gloves from TourMaster. They use carbon fiber wire heating elements for optimal heat dispersion and flexibility. The Synergy line includes 12-volt options like the 2.0 Electric Jacket ($234.99; see image at left).

Heat Demon’s heated vests are available with battery packs for self-contained heating ($299.95) and their footwarmers ($89.95) keep toes warm.

And finally, brand loyalists can opt for gloves and liners from Harley-Davidson, including the Dual-Source Heated Jacket Liner ($260) that can be powered from the bike or a battery pack.  

Firstgear’s heated gear powered by Warm & Safe already features a lot of options, right down to heated socks. You recall the new WindBlock pants ($219.95), which are designed for slipping on underneath jeans or chaps (Dealernews, September 2013, p. 16 and shown here). Firstgear is also offering Portable Heat-Troller Belt Pouches in a single ($12.95) or double ($14.95) design. The pouches house the Portable Heat-Trollers battery packs that power Firstgear’s heated options. The protective pouches include a clip for attaching to a belt or tank bag. www.firstgear-usa.com