Held waterproof bags available to U.S. retailers

Publish Date: 
Aug 19, 2014

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – Held Waterproof Series bags are now available in the United States through Held USA and its dealers.

All of the bags have a PVC-coated tarpaulin outer shell, and the seams are heat-welded to seal the bag against the elements. The outer print is reflective for extra visibility, too.

The roll bags ($50-70) are available in 40, 60 and 90 liters, and a side-roll system keeps cargo dry. There is also a zippered mesh outer pocket and elastic bands for additional exterior storage. The Carry ($80) duffel bag, with removable shoulder straps, comes in a 30- or 60-liter configuration.

The Zaino backpack ($100) holds 30 liters of gear, and a cross-chest strap keeps it in place while riding. There is a mesh front pocket as well as external pockets with waterproof zippers.

The messenger-style City bag ($90) is big enough to carry a laptop, and like the Zaino, it has a cross-chest strap. A small pocket on the outside has a waterproof zipper.

From a press release.