Helibars delivers better ergonomics for Yamaha FJR1300 owners

Publish Date: 
Aug 5, 2013
By Bruce Steever

CORNISH, Maine - Motorcycle ergonomics company Helibars has released a new Tour Performance Handlebar Bridge ($239) that gives Yamaha FJR1300 owners improved comfort and customization.

Helibars controls typically move the grips both up and to the rear to reduce upper body and lower back fatigue. While this may be enough for the average sportbike rider looking for a more comfortable ride, demanding touring bike riders are looking for more.

So Helibars created an aluminum mounting plate that bolts to the FJR’s top triple clamp. With this non-permanent mounting plate in place, three new handlebar positions are available: each is one inch higher than stock, with options for one to three inches rearward adjustment.

Bar position is also up to three inches wider than stock. The end result is a more upright riding position with improved steering leverage and a customized reach to the bars.

Designed to be fitted by the “even the least technically-savvy riders” according to Helibars, using common tools, the baseplate kit includes all the necessary hardware as well as a hydraulic brake line extension to prevent tension in the lines.

The mount is even predrilled for a Ram Ball mount, a common farkle on many FJR owners’ wish lists.

Press image courtesy Helibars