Helibars prepares Honda CBR500R for the long haul

Publish Date: 
Jun 22, 2014
By Bruce Steever

CORNISH, Maine -- Sportbikes offer thrilling performance, but they are rarely the best mounts for distance work or urban commuting. Helibars has tried to combat that with a wide range taller handlebar risers and custom clip-ons.

The firm’s latest focus is Honda’s versatile middleweight twin, the CBR500R.

Although the CBR500R twin is already remarkably practical, the clip-ons are lower than the taller conventional bars found on the CB500F and CB500X. For customers who want the sporty look and wind protection of the R’s fairings but need more comfort, Helibars devised a new mounting system that relocates the stock clip-ons.

These 6061 billet aluminum risers bring the handlebars 1.5 inches higher, 2.5 inches closer to the rider and are a half-inch wider.

Easy to install with common tools, the CBR500R risers create a dramatically less cramped seating posture that allows motorcyclists to sit more upright for longer stints in the saddle. In addition, the taller, wider bars make for lighter and more nimble maneuverability and better transmit chassis feedback, just like the tubular bars on the X and F siblings. They also optimize wrist angles, so riders can more easily support their weight, lessening fatigue and easing rider control inputs.

The new risers are engineered to fit ABS-equipped and non-ABS CBR500Rs, and come in a black powdercoat finish, held together with Allen-head hardware. The risers keep this sportbike's looks intact by reusing the original throttle cables, anti-vibration damper assemblies and bar-end weights, while a new hydraulic front brake line extension is supplied with the kit. Retail price is $239.