Helmet House Picks Up Utopia

Helmet House has expanded its number of brands from five to six by becoming the exclusive distributor of Utopia off-road goggles.

Utopia Brands, a California-based vendor, has been around since 2002. Its goggle lineup includes the Warrant ($64.99 retail), the Slayer Pro ($59.99), the Slayer ($44.99) and the Too Dirty ($34.99). The Warrant is shown here. All the models come in several colors and have triple-layer, fleece-lined foam and a moisture management system. The straps employ anti-slip silicon linings.

Utopia also offers a line of accessory lenses, carrying cases, lens tear-offs and roll-off systems, and POP displays.

“Utopia has demonstrated an unparalleled product in the goggle business,” says Helmet House VP Phil Bellomy. “When we combine their product strength with our distribution capabilities, we feel strong growth is very attainable.”