HelmetHeadCycle.com holding affiliate contest through August


HelmetHead Cycle has launched a program that gives its affiliates a unique subdomain to the HelmetHead Cycle website — HelmetHeadCycle.com.

The HelmetHead Cycle program lets both customers and non-customers earn sales commissions by referring other people to the HelmetHead Cycle website. The system is managed solely by the HelmetHead Cycle company and offers a 10 percent monthly commission payout by check, PayPal transfer or store credit.

Affiliates are able to track their referrers’ traffic and order history via a control panel offered on the website. Referrer traffic is captured by an auto-renewing six-month tracking cookie, which means that a referrer who visits the site one month, then returns four months later and buys three months after that will still credit the affiliate with the sale.

HelmetHead Cycle also is offering a promotion in which a user can upload photos to the website and be eligible to receive a free Digital Guard Dawg keyless ignition and security system for their motorcycle.

“To be eligible for the [Digital Guard Dawg] promotion, you must upload at least 10 photos which we deem to be acceptable to be displayed on the site,” explains Jeremy Harris, director of media development for the company.

Another offering HelmetHead Cycle is pushing for August is the “Daze-o-August” Facebook Friends Affiliate Contest, in which the grand prize winner will receive $100, plus 10 percent sales commissions for their referrer traffiic, which is part of the affiliate program.

The “Daze-o-August” offering contest consists of registering for an affiliate account and acquiring a subdomain for HelmetHead Cycle, which is offered immediately, then posting that link to a user’s Facebook wall. The person with the most unique referrers Aug. 31 will be contacted Sept. 1 and will also be posted to HelmetHead Cycle’s Facebook page.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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