Help Wanted at Ducati North America

Ducati North America is seeking to hire a promotions manager, south central regional business manager, advertising and brand manager and financial analyst. The OEM posted the help wanted ads in the Job Opportunities section of its Web site,

The role of the Promotions Manager is to devise and execute Ducati North America's marketing directives to ensure cooperation, constant message and coordinated activities across the entire company. It is based in Cupertino, Calif.

The Regional Business Manager is responsible for positively affecting sales and achieving sales goals for dealerships — maintaining knowledge of sales and marketing trends; performing research and analysis of local markets; identifying sales opportunities; managing dealer personal relationships; and counseling dealers on how to improve customer satisfaction, sales, and profitability. This position would require the manager to be centrally located in the Dallas area.

Also in Cupertino, the advertising and brand manager position supports all brand image goals throughout the North American organization. This individual plans and coordinates all of Ducati North America's nationwide and regional advertising programs and assists with development and maintenance of consistent corporate image throughout all DNA activities — including advertising, events, consumer shows, dealer branding projects.

The Financial Analyst is responsible for analysis and decision support for the company, responsible for maintaining financial models that support the company's strategic objectives and monthly/quarterly/annual financial goals. "We are looking for a hands-on individual contributor who is a pro with spreadsheets, can dive into our Oracle system and extract data, a multi-tasker who can juggle tasks comfortably and thrives in a fast-paced, dynamic environment," Ducati North America says.