Hepco & Becker releases NC700X skidplate, new tankbag

Publish Date: 
Oct 19, 2013
By Bruce Steever

STERLING, Va. - Hepco & Becker has unveiled two new products: a skidplate for the Honda NC700X and a magnetic locking tankbag.

The NC700X skidplate retails for $258.25 and is claimed to be the only one on the market for Honda’s middleweight twin. Using a thick aluminum plate, the design offers significant protection for the otherwise very exposed exhaust and other bits hanging in front of the NC motor, and it should give riders significantly more freedom in taking their NCs off the beaten path.

The magnetic tankbag is actually a hybrid of existing Hepco & Becker soft luggage options with the Lock-It Tank Ring ($64.40). The small tank ring bolts to the bike’s fuel cap, then the paired super strong magnets hold your choice of tankbag in place. The tankbag remains firmly in place unless deliberately pulled off the mount, which gives both security while riding and convenience when getting off the bike or fueling up.

The company's exclusive U.S. distributor is Moto Machines.