Heralding the HER Project

Publish Date: 
Apr 23, 2014

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Five days of wrist-wrenching, tool torqueing, custom fabbing and bike painting in front of a live audience at Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona: It’s a normal day at Bike Week, except that the wrenching, torqueing, fabbing and painting are being done by women builders Gina Woods, Jamie Shields, Kayla Koeune and Kim Jordan.

Woods’ XX Chromes All Women Bike Builds have completed six bikes for charity fundraisers as part of The HER Projects. For the Daytona charity build, “WyoTech provided us with student Laurice Littlefield and graduate Kristina Kramer who, in return received valuable hands-on experience on their first bike build,” Woods said. Supporting cast included WyoTech instructors Lee Florin, Doug Hough and Aaron Kelso.

A number of companies contributed parts and support, including Biker’s Choice, LePera, S&S Cycle and National Cycle.

The HER Project stands for Honor, Encourage and Recognize. Bikes are auctioned to support women military veterans.