Here's An Event Idea for 2009

KidSafe safety training child fingerprinting

Maybe your New Year's resolution is to host more community events to draw more customers into your store. If that's the case, Operation KidSafe may be worth considering.

Operation KidSafe is a child security system that takes a child's photo and fingerprints, giving parents a document with information to use should a child become lost. By hosting the system in your dealership you may attract whole families, potential customers and non-riders — people who might normally not set foot in your store. Auto dealers around the country have put the system to use with, they say, good results.

"We had over 800 children at our event for two days," says Ray Voyda, co-owner of Freedom Chevrolet in Springfield, Ill. "As a great bonus, we sold 26 cars. About three times we normally would have sold. We had families everywhere."

The program includes press releases and media followup, handled by the Operation KidSafe staff. For more information, call 866-962-5487 or visit