High Gas Prices Have Mixed Results for Dealers

High gas prices are sending consumers in search of cheaper transportation, but not all two-wheelers are created equal in the quest for mpg.

"I've increased my sales on fuel-efficient models by 50 percent," Vince Palazzo, owner of Vince's Motorcycle Store in Olympia, Wash., told The Olympian.

But rising fuel prices have hurt sales of off-road vehicles, making his sales gains on scooters more or less a wash. High fuel prices are curtailing the long trips often required for sport bikers to access remote places to ride, Palazzo told the Olympian.

Palazzo, 54, and his wife, Teri, have run the Olympia shop for the past 24 years, selling cycles, parts and accessories, and providing service. He even used to make house calls. He managed a California shop for 10 years before that.

Palazzo thinks of himself as being in the entertainment business, not the motorcycle business.

"I compete with Nintendo and Crystal Mountain (resort)," he said.