High-Tech Motion enters market with iPhone 5 case

Publish Date: 
May 27, 2013

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. - New company High-Tech Motion’s first product is a case and mount for the iPhone 5 that retails for $69.99.

High-Tech Motion is marketing the Phoneshield for iPhone 5 not only to motorcyclists and bicyclists, but to any active people who wish to mount and display their iPhone 5 (perhaps to use as a GPS). The case is even applicable to water sports that don’t require full submersion.

The Phoneshield package includes a protective hard case and a universal mounting kit.

According to High-Tech Motion, the case protects from dust, rain, dirt, snow, hail and light water submersion. Two double-hinged latches lock the phone into the case, and a threaded base allows the mount to screw into the Phoneshield case for extra security. Access to the headphone, charging port, touchscreen, cameras, home button and power button is available while the iPhone 5 is in the Phoneshield case. Likewise, the front speakers and microphone can be used for music or speakerphone. A sealed membrane keeps water from getting into the speakers.

High-Tech Motion claims the case’s shock-absorbing silicon makes it safe for people to mount their iPhone 5 on high-vibration applications like motorcycles. A matte protective screen helps reduce glare.

The Phoneshield’s adjustable handlebar bracket fits round bars with a diameter ranging from .77 inches to 1.78 inches. A ball-and-socket joint allows for 360 degrees of rotation for optimal viewing angles.

For specific applications, adapters included in the package allow users to mount the Phoneshield to an existing mount made by Ram Mount and Techmount.

For larger-diameter or non-round-shaped handlebars, the base of the mount has a zip-tie pass-through that allows mounting on a variety of nontubular surfaces.

Dealers can contact High-Tech Motion at 949-891-0124. There is no minimum on dealer orders.

Posted by Arlo Redwine. Images courtesy High-Tech Motion