Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition Formed in Nevada

The Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (NOHVCO) is a newly formed non-profit organization founders hope will bring together off-highway vehicle clubs, organizations, and riders from across the state to represent, promote, assist, and educate about responsible off-highway motorized recreation and the advocacy of public lands conservation.

"We believe in the benefits of having a unified voice," says Zack Livreri, co-founder of NOHVCO. "NOVHCO is a way for enthusiasts to work together to create unified voice for off-road enthusiasts, and there is strength in numbers."

Board members of the newly formed organization include Livreri, Charlie Cox, Elise McAllister, Timm Martin, Brian Doyal and Ron Lommis. Cox, NOHVCO president, is based in Mesquite, Nev.

Livreri says NOHVCO also will provide legislative representation and political affairs management on behalf of its members. In fact, McAllister, of Partners in Conservation, and Doyal, of Pine Nut Mountains Trail Association, are active supporters of efforts to create an OHV registration and titling program in Nevada.

The NOHVCO is urging Nevada off-road enthusiasts to visit the organization's website to learn more.