Home-based motorcycle service shop plans to undercut local dealer prices


A new Hanford, Calif., repair shop reportedly has plans to not win friends in the industry by undercutting dealer service rates.

Andy Calderon trained for a year at a motorcycle maintenance school in Arizona, but after graduating he was only getting offers in the $8-an-hour range, so he and his brother Gabe opened a business out of his garage.

“It’s in its starting stages,” he told the Hanford Sentinel. “Everything’s gotta start somewhere.”

Calderon told the paper that he plans to offer hourly repair rates roughly half of what dealerships charge. He’s keeping his day job as a welder until he builds clientele. The shop will focus on maintenance, service and repair, not custom builds.

“Why not get paid for what I want to do?” he says. “I’m willing to work with people. I’m not out to be a millionaire overnight or anything.”

Posted by Holly Wagner

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