Home shop hosts vintage German bike meet

Publish Date: 
Jul 8, 2013

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – it was a weekend for German classics with a gathering of BMW owners July 6 at a home shop.

Mike Dunn has been building and selling pre-World War II and World War II German motorcycles from his three-car garage for more than a decade. He and friend Jeff Moore put out the call to owners of German motorcycles made from 1930 to 1969. About 20 showed up for the first “Sommer Motorrad Treffen,” (Summer Motorcycle Event).

Dunn said it was the largest gathering of pre-war, wartime and post-war German bikes in one spot that he is aware of.

“Every motorcycle event you see in California, it’s always Harleys and Indians,” Dunn, 44, told the Riverside Press-Enterprise. “It seems to be always catered to those bikes. We’re German bike owners. I’m excited to pull this many bikes in one location.”

Posted by Holly Wagner