Honda’s CRF450R gets an engine makeover via Pro Circuit

Publish Date: 
Jan 23, 2013

CORONA, Calif. - Pro Circuit has released a whole mess of new engine components for the 2013 Honda CRF450R, a lineup that includes clutch springs, a camshaft, a titanium exhaust valve, a “Y” radiator hose kit, and a high compression piston kit.

First up are the new clutch springs. According to Pro Circuit, these guys will increase clutch life and prevent clutch slipping. The reportedly have improved engagement over stock components, and can help keep engine temperature down. The company says riders will notice consistency in spring performance, a crucial part of controlling how efficiently the clutch turns power in acceleration.
The springs are also said to be 12 percent to 15 percent stiffer than stock clutch springs.

Pro Circuits new camshaft for the CRF450R reportedly helps increase the performance of the Honda. The camshaft is designed, tested and manufactured in the USA — a process that involves assistance from the company’s championship-winning race team before the products reaches the end consumer.
The company points out the camshafts much be used with Pro Circuit valve springs, and camshaft timing should set by a certified mechanic. Improper installation could result in engine failure, the company says.

The company’s titanium exhaust valves are designed based on Pro Circuit’s race technology and manufactured to its stringent specifications by Del West, Pro Circuit reports. Each exhaust valve is CNC-machined and precision ground using only titanium. Every valve is sprayed with a thermal-nitride coating to increase performance and durability, and reduce normal wear.

The Pro Circuit “Y” radiator hose kit is designed to eliminate the plastic “Y” elbows found in other radiator hoses, which can melt in extreme conditions, the company says. The race hoses are reportedly also lighter and will withstand expanding when hot. The hoses are made from premium grade silicone, inside and outside. Additionally, the hose kids are said to easier to install and stronger than stock hoses, and feature a premium blue pigment designed to stay vibrant and not fade.

And lastly, Pro Circuit’s high compression piston kit is designed to work in stock or modified engines and reportedly gives more power at every RPM. The piston kit will add more low-end torque and top-end power, the company says. The kit includes piston, rings, wrist pin and circlips.

Posted by Dennis Johnson