Honda COTA 4RT 260 is entry-level trials bike

Publish Date: 
Jul 26, 2014

TORRANCE, Calif. – Honda introduced the COTA 4RT Race Replica in 2014, and the trials bike returns in 2015 with a slew of upgrades. In addition, Honda is introducing the COTA 4RT 260, with a price point and configuration that makes it an option for entry-level trials riders as well as amateur competitors. Both of the COTA versions will be available in January.

COTA 4RT Race Replica ($9,499): The Repsol-liveried race replica has quite a list of changes for 2015. A new four-piston monoblock front brake caliper should result in better, more precise braking. The updated shift lever is slimmer in an effort to make it less susceptible to obstacles. The triple clamps and handlebars have a black finish, and the front fender has a slimmer design. The rear final-drive sprocket is an updated version, too.

COTA 4RT 260 ($7,799): Based on the same platform as the race replica, the 2015 COTA 4RT 260 has the same aluminum frame and 260cc engine as its counterpart. Suspension comes in the form of 39mm TECH forks and an R16V shock in the Pro-Link rear suspension. Both the front and rear are fully adjustable for rebound and compression damping.

The 260 also has a different four-piston front brake caliper and Dunlop tires on Morad wheels – as opposed to the Michelin/DID setup on the race replica. The seat, though still a mere suggestion of one compared to traditional motorcycles, is nevertheless larger than the one on the race replica. Honda says this offers “casual competitors” the chance to relax between sections. It can be removed and replaced, and there is storage underneath.

From a press release.