Honda Launches New Marketing Campaign

Honda has launched a new marketing campaign that uses an interactive strategy and short “documentary” films contained within a multi-layered Web site. It’s an effort the company says is designed “to speak to the hearts and minds of consumers by intimately revealing the essence of Honda's corporate philosophy.”

The Web site destination,, showcases Honda's "Dream the Impossible Documentary Series" by director Derek Cianfrance and award-winning producers

Three short films (about 6- 8 minutes in length) debuted with the campaign launch Jan. 12; additional films will be added every few months. Two of the films discuss core values that have inspired generations of Honda associates by telling the stories of impossible engineering challenges and exploring where failure brought Honda and what success came of it. The third film explores the future of mobility.

"Kick Out the Ladder" explores the Honda idea of being led up to the roof and kicking out the ladder as a metaphor for being challenged to achieve seemingly impossible goals with stories and anecdotes from Honda associates; "Failure: The Secret to Success" depicts Honda's belief in the importance of never being afraid to try something new; and "Mobility 2088" centers on the future of mobility as told by a collection of academics, scientists, sci-fi writers and artists, including film director Christopher Guest.

The collection of films features dozens of interviews including Takeo Fukui, president and CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and other Honda executives, engineers, and associates. The Web site features cinematic, full-screen presentation of the films. Users can share and rate the films and subscribe to the Web site.

Honda says the campaign targets 25- to 49-year-olds with a youthful spirit, who are comfortable with technology, who value authenticity, and who are drawn to brands they can relate to, connect with, or admire.

“The new Power of Dreams campaign features documentary footage of real people sharing real stories about Honda's approach to developing solutions to everyday business challenges,” says Barbara Ponce, manager of corporate advertising, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “These unscripted, emotionally driven films highlight Honda's associates' personal episodes of pursuing 'impossible dreams,' which, in reality, are life lessons for all of us.”

"Ultimately, we hope these films will intrigue and inspire people by giving them a look into Honda's unique philosophy- that impossible dreams can be realized through determination, creativity and hard work," says Todd Carey, associate creative director at RPA.

To further connect with independent, entrepreneurial consumers, "Mobility 2088" will air at an exclusive screening before the new film "Mary and Max" at the Sundance Film Festival. In addition, ads will run in independent theaters nationwide during February and March.

The company will use online media to generate awareness for the campaign, drive traffic to the new site and help create consumer buzz.

Spots (:30 and :15 spots using footage from the films) will run during television shows broadcast online on,, and Unique page takeovers, roadblocks and pre-roll placements will launch late January through early February on Wired, Gawker Network, Discovery Channel, Time, Yahoo! and CNN.

- Submitted by Guido Ebert