Honda Plans Nontraditional Dealer Meeting

This fall dealers won't be attending a Honda dealer meeting, or at least not one involving airports and hotel rooms. Instead, Honda says it will use "evolving technologies" to bring the meeting into dealerships.

Honda says the decision was based on feedback from dealers wanting a format that allows them to spend less time out of their stores, provides more time to digest new information, allows more staff to participate, and provides direct access to materials and seminars throughout the year.

Dealers will begin ordering 2009 units in the fall, when they will be provided with the full model release schedule along with information on dealer support programs. Most models are scheduled to hit showrooms early next year.

Ray Blank, senior VP of the Motorcycle Division, informed Honda dealers Monday of the meeting change. "Building on our mutual success of the last 50 years, we prepare our course for the future," he wrote. "We remain committed to the spirit and ideas that brought us here together: innovation, confidence and leadership. We look forward to sharing this innovative event with you in the months to come."

Next year marks American Honda's 50th anniversary.