Honda returns several motorcycle models to 2014 lineup

Publish Date: 
Sep 4, 2013

TORRANCE, Calif. – Honda’s 2014 model lineup includes a number of returning models that will be available in November. Among them are the 1300 Custom line, Shadow, Rebel and XR650L.

Sabre, Stateline and Interstate: Honda’s 1300 Custom line returns with the same price points as the 2013 models. The 2014 Sabre ($12,250, ABS $13,250), Stateline ($12,150, ABS $13,150) and Interstate ($13,240, ABS $14,240) will all be available beginning in January 2014.

Fury: The 1312cc V-twin returns and will be available beginning in January. The base model is $13,390, and the ABS version is $14,390.

Shadow Aero, Spirit 750 and Phantom: The Shadow line returns with the exception of the Shadow RS. The three Shadows that will be in dealerships by December are the Shadow Aero, Shadow Spirit 750 and Shadow Phantom, and they all have the same starting price of $8,240. The ABS models of the Aero and Phantom begin at $9,240.

Rebel: The 234cc Rebel returns for 2014 with the same features and retail price of $4,190. It will be in showrooms by November.

XR650L: Honda’s announcement of returning models includes the XR650L, the only bike not in the cruiser category. The 2014 edition of the dual sport will be available in December. The red-only bike will retail for $6,690.

Posted by Beth Dolgner. Images courtesy Honda.