Honda Reveals First Batch for 2009

American Honda has announced the 2009 model year with the arrival of a number of favorite models for both on-road and off-road use.

This first group of 2009 machines includes the returning CRF50F (MSRP $1,349), CRF70F ($1,699), CRF80F ($2,099) and CRF100F ($2,499). Also within this group of first-release bikes are the thrifty Metropolitan ($2,049-$2,149) and Ruckus ($2,149) scooters — what Honda calls "the ideal around-town rides for people intent on ratcheting down the expense of running errands."

The Ruckus receives new colors, including red and matte gray metallic, and the Metropolitan receives new graphite and ghost colors, as well as chrome mirrors, a chrome muffler cover, 3-D chrome emblems, black wheels, a black belt cover and a two-tone custom seat.

For more information about these 2009 models as well as additional new-model-year machines that will soon be announced, visit the Honda Web site.