Honda rewrites, expands Common Service Manual

Publish Date: 
Feb 20, 2013

TORRANCE, Calif. - Honda has “completely rewritten” the Honda Common Service Manual to include more than 300 pages of new content.

The manual is part instructional manual, part technical reference manual, part service manual. As such, the publication is “ideal for those who want to learn more about powersports vehicles and how to service them,” Honda said.

American Honda’s Motorcycle Communications and Training department is responsible for the rewrite. New content includes information on newer technology introduced on Honda powersports models, such as pneumatic forks, the dual-clutch transmission, and combined ABS.

The new manual also recognizes the heightened interest in older Honda powersports vehicles by including information about older technology such as breaker points, drum brakes and two-stroke exhaust valve systems.

The Honda Common Service Manual helps readers understand mechanical, hydraulic and electrical fundamentals; learn the function of components; and perform troubleshooting and servicing procedures. This purpose of the manual is encapsulated by the terms “Read, Understand, Learn, Do” printed on its back cover.

“Due to the broad applicability of its content, the Honda Common Service Manual will be of interest and benefit to any powersports enthusiast, whether a Honda owner or not,” Honda claimed. “The manual will be especially useful to those who want to work on their own vehicle and to help prepare those who aspire to a career as a powersports technician.”

But due to the generic nature and wide scope of the manual, it does not eliminate the need for the model-specific service manuals when working on a particular vehicle, Honda noted.

Despite the increased size and higher quality of the new manual, the suggested retail price remains $49.95. A special discounted price is available for qualifying powersports technical schools and their students.

Together with Honda’s model-specific service manuals (1959 to current), the Honda Common Service Manual is available for purchase by consumers through Honda powersports dealerships.

Manuals also can be ordered from Helm Inc. at or 888-292-5393. Discounted technical school/student orders must be placed from the Helm website.

Posted by Arlo Redwine