Honda Working on Electric Cycle

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. says it is currently developing a battery-powered electric motorcycle. The OEM says it plans to introduce the electric cycle to the market about two years from now.

GS Yuasa Corporation and Honda recently reached an agreement to establish a joint venture company to manufacture, sell and conduct R&D for high-performance lithium-ion batteries. The two companies aim to establish the new company sometime around spring 2009.

The new company will be 51 percent owned by GS Yuasa and 49 percent owned by Honda. The headquarters of the new company is planned to be located in Minami-ku, Kyoto, and the factory is planned to be established within the property of GS Yuasa’s Osadano operation in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto.

The new company will manufacture batteries based on EH6, the lithium-ion battery developed by GS Yuasa.