Honda, Yuasa Partner for Lithium-Ion Batteries

GS Yuasa Corp. and Honda have signed a contract to create a new company to develop, manufacture and sell lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles. The new company, Blue Energy Co., Ltd., is scheduled to be established April 1.

Since signing a basic agreement, the companies have been discussing plans to establish the joint venture company to specialize in high-performance lithium-ion batteries for applications focused on hybrid vehicles.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has said it is developing a battery-powered electric motorcycle, and plans to bring the electric cycle to market in about two years.

Blue Energy Co., Ltd. will be 51 percent owned by GS Yuasa Power Supply Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation) and 49 percent owned by Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

- Submitted by Guido Ebert