Honda's Rider Trainer Adopted in Italy

Honda's Rider Trainer is being used in a pilot project for road safety that has been implemented in 62 middle and high schools in Rome with the support of Rome's Automobile Club.

Italian schools can issue an "AM" driver's license that entitles riders from the age of 14 to drive a moped.

Since being able to evaluate a risk while riding is a determining factor in preventing a crash, especially among young and inexperienced riders, Honda's Rider Trainer teaches riders to foresee and predict the dangers encountered in motorcycle riding. Designed especially to improve the hazard perception skills of future riders, the units are programmed to confront students with a range of different traffic hazard situations, from congested city streets to mountain roads with dangerous curves, from driving in the fog to two-wheeler use at night. The trainer also features a Riding Evaluation function to advise the user.

Honda says the unit could be especially beneficial in motorcycle dealerships, driving schools and specialized training centers. Teachers at schools using the Rider Trainers will also have to attend a course to learn how to correctly use the units.