Horry County Punts On Rallies


The Horry County Council Public Safety Committee has punted a decision on syncing North Myrtle Beach bike rally events, opting to wait for word from the North Myrtle Beach City Council.

County Councilman Harold Worley and former Councilman Mark Lazarus gave a presentation detailing their plans to host vendors at their amusement park in North Myrtle Beach, at the same time as the May Cruising the Coast Spring Rally. They are hoping to capitalize on bikers pushed away from Myrtle Beach by unfriendly ordinances.

The committee postponed action on the vending permits ordinance related to rallies, the Myrtle Beach Sun News reported.

"Let's put this on the next public safety meeting agenda and see what [the North Myrtle Beach City] Council does with it," said Councilman and safety committee chairman Bob Grabowski. "The county vendors will have a one-day jump on [the North Myrtle Beach] guys ... because they would start on Monday then you would start Tuesday. And Sunday is a nothing day; nothing is really sold that day anyway."

Worley and Lazarus are hoping to get unincorporated areas of the county on the same schedule with rally events further south and in the city of North Myrtle Beach.

"Our objective is to get it coordinated and consistent through the county and the local dealer has agreed to the five-day event. What this also does is show the effort of everyone involved that we are taking control of the event," Lazarus told the committee. "It's a huge economic impact that we can't afford to lose in this entire county.”

Posted by Holly Wagner