House of Harley-Davidson Vet Monument Helps Soldiers and Their Families

Publish Date: 
Nov 4, 2009

As a nod toward military veterans and their families, Milwaukee's House of Harley-Davidson has created the Star Monument, which will be adorned with personalized dog tags and presented each year on Veteran's Day. For $10, customers can purchase a glistening dog tag that will be hung on the custom-made Star Monument.

Proceeds from the dog tag sales will go to the Wisconsin Legion and, specifically, the American Legion's Family Support Network, which offers services to active service people and their families.

“We are happy to present this simple yet meaningful salute to Veterans and their families, without whom we know our lives would be much different than they are today," said John Schaller, House of Harley-Davidson owner. "We are grateful for their sacrifices and honored to acknowledge them in our dealership."

“The House of Harley-Davidson’s Star Monument is a wonderful way to acknowledge the work that military families do,” said Department Commander Leo Endres of the Wisconsin Legion. “The Family Support network helps families of active duty service people and we are delighted that the proceeds from the Star Monument will support such a worthy cause”.

The Star Monument will be on display at the House of Harley-Davidson through Nov. 11. Customized dog tags are available now for just $10. For more information on The American Legion and their programs, visit

For more information on the Star Monument call 414-282-2211 or click here for the House of Harley's website.

Posted by Dennis Johnson