Husqvarna bringing 10 two-, four-stroke models to U.S.

Publish Date: 
Oct 15, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

MURRIETA, Calif. – Husqvarna will be bringing 10 of its 2014 Special Edition models to the U.S. and Canada, comprising a full range of two- and four-stroke options. The models will be available from dealers in the spring of 2014, and MSRPs have not yet been announced.

The entire 2014 lineup features a new polyamide rear subframe, which offers rigidity while allowing more flex than the traditional aluminum construction. The three-piece subframe also provides a built-in grab handle and, because polyamide bends back into place for easier repairs post-crash.

The subframe was not the only part to get revamped for 2014. All of the aluminum swingarms are the product of a single-component casting process, eliminating the need for welds. All of the models also have a fully adjustable WP rear shock and WP front suspension.

Motocross models
Husqvarna’s 2014 models include three two-stroke models: the TC 85, 125 and 250. The four-stroke options are the FC 250 and 450. They all come equipped with Dunlop tires, a Renthal Fatbar, hand guards and Brembo brakes.

The TC 85 is designed for the youth motocross market, although Husqvarna assures that it has all of the same features as the adult-sized models, including a hydraulic clutch and six-speed gearbox.

The TC 125 and TC 250 are designed as two-stroke stepping-stones from the TC 85, and some of their perks are a CNC machined triple clamp and a fully adjustable link-mounted shock.

In the four-stroke motocross category, the FC 250 and FC 450 have lighter weight thanks to thinner wall thickness in the engine and the elimination of the kickstarter casting. Both models have a Pankl crankshaft and connecting rod, König forged bridged-box-type piston, Keihin EFI and Brembo clutch hydraulics. The FC 450 makes 60hp.

Offroad models
In the offroad category, Husqvarna’s 2014 lineup consists of the two-stroke TE 250 and 300, and the four-stroke FE 250, 350 and 501.

The TE 250 and TE 300 have Boyseen reed valves, a six-speed gearbox and a Brembo hydraulic clutch. The advanced power valve is designed to glean more power in the lower RPM range. Riders can also switch between two ignition curves to fit various riding conditions.

Like the FC models, Husqvarna’s FE family has lighter engine cases, which are achieved through a high-pressure die-casting. All three FE options — the 250, 350 and 501 — have a Keihin EFI, 42mm throttle bodies, six-speed transmissions and a DDS (damped diaphragm steel) clutch system for smoother control. All three also carry the California green sticker for customers on the West Coast.

The FE 250 has the same engine as the FC 250, but it is specifically tuned for off-road riding, with the torque focused on the mid-range. The Pankl crankshaft and connecting rod are designed for durability in an enduro environment. The FE 350 also has specific tuning, with the cam timing and Pankl crankshaft offering enduro tuning while the engine puts out 45hp.  

The largest model in the Husqvarna lineup is the FE 501, which has a 510.4cc SOHC engine made for extreme enduro use. The bike includes the DDS clutch system, Brembo hydraulic clutch, DLC-coated rocker arms and König bridged-box-type piston.

Media images courtesy of Husqvarna.