Husqvarna unveils pricing for TR650 Strada and TR650 Terra

Publish Date: 
Sep 5, 2012

CORONA, Calif. - Husqvarna has released the retail pricing on its new dual-purpose bikes, the TR650 Strada and the TR650 Terra. The OEM says the bikes will be arriving in North American showrooms in late September 2012.

The MSRPs for the two models — one geared for street, the other for trails is:

  • 2013 Husqvarna TR650 Terra: $6,999
  • 2013 Husqvarna TR650 Strada: $7,499

To refresh everyone's memory on what these new machines look like, here are three new pics from Husqvarna (click on pics for larger images.) Also, click here to check out the original info about the release of the Strada and the Terra.

Posted by Dennis Johnson