Hyosung to import electric scooter next year


S&T Motors, the South Korean manufacturer of Hyosung vehicles, recently held a ceremony celebrating the mass production of its first electric scooter, the Eva ST-E3. Georgia-based Hyosung Motors America Inc. plans to import the unit next year.

S&T Motors developed a lithium-polymer battery exclusively for the Eva. It takes about three hours to charge by any ordinary household current. The drive range of a one-time charge while the scooter is moving at a constant speed of 35 km/h (22 mph) is about 120 kilometers (75 miles). Maximum speed is 60km/h (37 mph). S&T Motors describes the scooter’s design as “sleek and trendy" and says the unit measures about 6 feet long, 2 feet wide and 3.6 feet high.

The Eva’s dashboard uses an VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) to show battery status as well as “scooter body condition and drive condition,” according to a S&T Motors press release. An MCU (motor control unit) “constantly checks overcharge and overcurrent and adjusts for premium conditions.”

Posted by Arlo Redwine