I am living MY dream

Publish Date: 
Apr 17, 2013
By Rick Fairless

DEAR GRANDMA and Grandpa, I hope things are going good up there in Heaven. Spring is here, and that’s always a good thing for us in the motorcycle industry.

Growing up, my Dad always told me that I should work for myself. So, when I decided to start my motorcycle shop, I couldn’t wait to tell him. The conversation didn’t go so well.

“Hey Dad, I’m gonna take your advice, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna go into business for myself.”

“Attaboy, son, I’m proud of you. You’re gonna open your own paint store?”

“No Dad, I’m gonna open a motorcycle shop with a beer joint on the same property.”

“Wait a minute, boy. Motorcycles are your hobby, selling paint is how you make your living and support your family! Don’t let your love for motorcycles cloud your judgment.”

“I know, Dad, but I’m certain that I will be good at it and I know I can make a good living for my family.”

Then my Dad said something I’d never considered before:

“Boy, a motorcycle shop is like a Dairy Queen. You’ll be busy in the summer and dead in the winter.”

And, boy, was my Dad right. Luckily, this is Texas and we have good weather most of the time.

Hey, Grandpa, I talked to a friend today that owns a shop in Erie, Pa., and they still have snow beside the roads up there. Down here in Dallas we’ve already been in the 90s. I couldn’t deal with that dang cold weather, But I guess some people can’t deal with the three months of 100-plus degrees that we get every summer.  

I know ya’ll have never been to my Strokers Dallas, but hopefully you can check it out from up there. I don’t know how Heaven works but I guess you can be anywhere you wanna be at anytime you wanna be there and with anybody ya want — maybe like breakfast in Rome with Michael Angelo, lunch at Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe with Marilyn Monroe and supper in Transylvania with Lon Chaney? Man, that would be swell! Do ya’ll eat a lot up there? Do people get fat? How about stuff like headaches or athlete’s foot... do ya’ll get those ailments up in Heaven? (Continued)