I am living MY dream

Publish Date: 
Apr 17, 2013
By Rick Fairless

Anyway, if you can see Strokers Dallas then you know that my place is a very eclectic kind of joint. It’s 2.5 acres of bikes, babes and beer. But it’s not just a motorcycle shop. It’s also got a bar and grill and a tattoo parlor. I have tie-dyed dinosaurs on the roof. In the courtyard area where everybody parks their bikes and hangs out, I have a 20 ft. tall tie-dyed giraffe beside the band stage and an 8 ft. Bettie Boop on top of the stage.

My courtyard walls are all painted graffiti-style. I have live music and bikini girls selling cold beer every weekend, and I have a cool, old, graffitied school bus that opens up into a bar.

Inside Strokers Dallas and Strokers IceHouse I have lots of old pictures, lots of crazy custom bikes and lots of goofy stuff everywhere ya look. This place has grown to be a destination, and we get visitors from all over the country every single day.

We are like a very eclectic museum or even a return to days gone by. People always tell me that we have the coolest motorcycle shop they’ve ever seen.

Most of my customers are Harley-Davidson riders, so I guess they are comparing me to the H-D shops. I’ll tell you this, Grandpa, my shop is very different from any of the big, fancy H-D shops. There’s nothing in the world wrong with those kind of shops and obviously the H-D formula is working quite well, but for me, my formula works. We are a throwback to days when motorcycle shops were all unique and reflected the personality of their owners.

Nowadays, most motorcycle shops around the country are very corporate, and I believe they have lost a lot of their personality. As ya’ll know, I have always been a different kinda guy. Well, I still am and I’m very proud of that. I think so far outside the box that I can’t even see the dang box from here.

Here’s a quote I recently read; “People with ADHD (which I have) are usually ‘outside the box’ thinkers that usually turn out to be creative, intelligent and successful people. They tend to be people who think differently than most mainstream people. Some famous outside-the-box thinkers include Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Andy Warhol and John Lennon.”

Now listen, I am in no way comparing my dumb ass to any of these great, important cats here, I’m just saying that other people have done very well while thinking outside the box.

I guess what I’m trying to tell ya’ll is, I’m still just a motorcycle junkie that’s living my dream every day. I get up in the morning and can’t wait to get to work. I work every single day and I never take a day off work. If I ever get to Heaven, I pray that I’ll be still be designing and building custom bikes, designing cool parts, and still selling Victory Motorcycles, just like I do every day right here at Heaven on Earth: Dallas, Texas.

This column originally appeared in the May 2013 issue of Dealernews.