Icon Motosports Goes After Alleged Copycats


Icon Motosports announced today that it's now pursuing any company infringing on its intellectual property rights. It said that it recently negotiated out-of-court settlements with two such offenders, EBL Enterprises Inc. and Soaring Helmet Corp., the second of which has denied any wrongdoing. EBL Enterprises has yet to return our phone call.

“This issue is something we have been faced with since our inception,” Icon design director Kurt Walter said in a press release. “It has reached a point where we have decided to actively pursue all competitor companies who blatantly copy our product.”

Portland, Ore.-based Icon Motosports has been responsible for Parts Unlimited’s popular house brand since 2002.

“Authenticity and innovation are two of the many characteristics the Icon brand holds close,” the company stated. “As is the case with any successful brand, competitors will seek out ways to try and replicate others’ success. Icon is at the forefront of this never-ending battle.

“Intellectual property rights are essential to creative, forward-thinking and innovative brands such as Icon,” the company continued. “That is why Icon has relentlessly pursued those infringing on its intellectual property rights and has a successful track record of protecting these assets.”

Posted by Arlo Redwine