IMS tour offers free posters, discount coupons

Publish Date: 
Aug 22, 2013
By Mary Green Slepicka

IT'S TIME FOR some shameless self-promotion — which you actually may find interesting.

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show tour will kick off in late October and crisscross the country (a couple of times) before concluding in February. The “IMS” tour, as we call it, is the largest series of consumer events in our industry, giving the vehicle manufacturers the chance to showcase their 2014 models in front of a half-million people … who actually pay for admission.

If an IMS show is coming within 200 miles of your store this fall and/or winter, it’s a chance to put your marketing plans into overdrive.

The IMS tour is a sister property to Dealernews. Every year, we cross the IMS attendee data with sales numbers from R.L. Polk. We know from the 2012-13 report that a tour attendee is 33 times more likely to purchase a new motorcycle and 20 times more likely to buy a used unit than the general public within six months after attending an IMS show.

How’s that for a qualified audience?

OK, here’s where it gets … easy. The IMS team has developed FREE promotional items you can display in your store to spread the word about a show coming to your area — posters, counter cards, even discount coupons.

Dealers who participate in this program will receive four complimentary tickets to the show, and their stores will be listed on a special Dealer Locator on There are also electronic ads, logos and other digital assets that you can use on your websites, social sites and in your emails to let customers know that you support the tour and that you have discount coupons available for tickets.

All you have to do is sign up — no fees, nothing. Just contact Ryan Adams (see box) and let him know that you’d like to participate.

Dealer Program Contact

Ryan Adams   
tel. 310-857-7577


There are additional ways to boost your market presence through an IMS show. You can work the factory displays for your OEM — your staff has the local knowledge and insight consumers seek, and working the exhibit is a great way to generate leads for your dealership.

You can even buy a booth and sell PG&A during the weekend, but that’s up to you. (Ryan is not a salesperson.)

My recommendation is that if you’re within 200 miles of an IMS show this season, sign up for the dealer program. It costs nothing but a little time, and the benefits could truly outweigh your initial effort.

This column originally appeared in the September 2013 issue of Dealernews.