Indiana H-D Dealer Mark Forszt Fights Sunday Sales Ban


An Indiana Harley-Davidson Dealer has enlisted the help of a state senator to overturn a blue law that prohibits sales of cars and motorcycles on Sundays.

A quirk of the law lets the dealerships stay open to sell PG&A on Sundays, but makes selling a bike a Class D misdemeanor.

Dealer Mark Forszt told WNDU-TV that bike sales are down, on average, 27 percent from a year ago at this time at his four stores: Harley-Davidson of Valparaiso, Harley-Davidson of Kokomo, Harley-Davidson of Michigan City, and IndyWest Harley-Davidson.

He claims if he didn't have to tag bikes with signs explaining that bike sales aren't allowed on Sunday, his sales numbers would be better. He also notes that nothing bars private party sales on Sundays.

Enter state Sen. Ed Charbonneau, framing the issue as a way to small businesses and increase sales tax revenue.

The bill to change the law has been drafted and filed, but until something changes, the Sunday choices at Indiana dealerships will be limited.

Posted by Holly Wagner