Indiana one step closer to lifting Sunday motorcycle sales ban

Publish Date: 
Feb 9, 2012

Indiana legislators are considering putting an end to the state’s “blue law” ban on Sunday motorcycle sales.

Indiana is one of the last states left where dealers can sell PG&A but not vehicles on Sundays. Similar bills in the past two years were blocked from obtaining the committee hearing needed to move to a full vote.

A bill to roll back the ban has passed the Indiana Senate and is picking up support in the House, according to the News and Tribune. The bill has been assigned to the House commerce committee for a hearing.

“It’s very difficult not to support something like this,” said state Sen. Ed Charbonneau, who authored the original bill.

 “You can go to a dealer on a Sunday, and buy all the parts for a motorcycle, take those parts around back to the dealer’s service center, pay to have them put together, and that’s legal. But it’s a crime if you buy the motorcycle whole.”

Posted by Holly Wagner

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