Indy 2013: Thirty new products and services you may have missed

Publish Date: 
Feb 19, 2013
By Arlo Redwine

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. - It happens every year.

After the first two days of Dealer Expo, just when the Dealernews editors begin to suspect they’ve seen most of what’s new, the third day continues to present noteworthy products. Below are about 30 of the new products and services I encountered on Sunday, the final day of the show.

Tucker Rocky became the exclusive U.S. distributor of Abus locks just this year. A booth within the distributor’s show area was displaying the German brand’s latest products.

“Two important points are that we are enforcing MAP, and we do not sell in big-box stores like other lock brands,” said Fritz Bohl, general manager of Abus Mobile Security in Chicago. Abus products include disc locks, floor anchors and steel cable locks. Canadian dealers have access to the brand via distributor Kimpex.

Cruisin’ Pegs is a floorboard-mounted patented product from Aeromach. Manufactured in Charlotte, N.C., from billet aluminum and bathed in chrome, they are designed for riders who either don’t have, don’t like or cannot comfortably reach highway bar-mounted accessory foot pegs. Riders select one of three positions for the most comfortable position. In addition to versions for the Harley-Davidson Traditional and Sweptwing floorboards, the company recently released a version for stock Harley-Davidson Half-Moon and Tapered (Softail Deluxe) floorboards. MSRP is $299.

Aeromach’s sister brand, Highway Hawk, now offers Extreme Fat Engine Guards for Victory models. Chrome and black versions are available for the Vegas, Vegas 8-Ball, High-Ball, Judge and Hammer 8-Ball. MSRP is $187.

Barker’s Exhaust, the longtime maker of pipes for ATVs and UTVs, has expanded into the adventure bike market with a BMW line of systems for the R1150GS, R1200GS, F800GS and the F700GS. Barker’s says it emphasized durability while building the systems, adding that other selling points are low sound and the fact that the systems are fully rebuildable using available parts. Future applications will be the Suzuki DR650, the Kawasaki KLR650 and the Honda X650R.

Bel-Ray’s new Silicone Detailer & Protectant Spray retails for $9.79. The company claims the detailer “restores factory-finish while protecting multiple surfaces and resisting dirt and dust for faster clean-up.” The spray can be used on most surfaces, including plastic, fiberglass, gelcoat, rubber, metal, chrome and glass.

In other Bel-Ray news, the company’s H1R 100 percent synthetic ester 2T engine oil is now approved for CIK/FIA kart racing.

New for 2013 from CST are 6-ply-rated Pulse sport ATV tires. According to the company, the rear Pulse features a tread pattern with “optimal spacing for any terrain, from loose loam to hardpack.” The rear knobs have a 15-degree reinforcing angle for predictable sliding and increased knob life. The front features a heightened carcass profile and knobs with numerous biting edges.

The Custom Chrome area was displaying the Moto-Raptor wireless radar/laser detector made by Rocky Mountain Radar. The waterproof unit features a blue LED indicator and sound-beeping ear piece. The detector module measures 1”x2.8”x3” for easy (and hidden) mounting. Riders who don’t speed on their motorcycles may be interested in the device’s ability to detect safety alerts, like those that occur when there is a big crash right beyond that long sweeper. MSRP is $299.99.

Custom Chrome is also running a Dealer Oil Discount Program that ends on Feb. 28. Dealers ordering 10, 15 and 25 cases receive respective discounts of 10 percent, 15 percent and 20 percent.

Dynojet has a new Stealth Extraction Interface Kit that allows techs to gain access more easily to an exhaust gas sample when tuning on a Dynojet dyno. In conjunction with the company’s Gen4 pump with dual oxygen wideband sensor sampling block, the kit will result in accurate sample of AFR. Technicians drill a hole in the exhaust pipe, use the included tool to install the Riv-Nut, screw in the billet manifold interface, and then attach the Gen4 pump hoses to the tubes. Afterward, the reference port is sealed with a copper washer and button head bolt for a finished look. The kit costs $299.95.

DynoJet also now offers Power Vision Tuner Kits that include everything a person needs to flash-tune Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. The idea is to save money by buying all the products together instead of separately. Two kits are available: one for dealers who have a Dynojet dyno with Dynoware EX+ and a Gen4 exhaust gas pump, and one for shops that don’t have a dyno or a Gen4 exhaust gas pump.

Also saving people money is the Dynojet Power Vision license program. Shops can tune multiple Harleys with only one Power Vision by purchasing “Tune Licenses," or sell a “Dual License” to a retail customer who wishes to lock their Power Vision to two different bikes.

Finally, the Dynojet Power Commander V now comes in select models with additional features such as fuel and ignition control, and/or pressure- and temperature-based mapping, the latter being useful for turbocharged vehicles.

First Manufacturing Co. was displaying a lightweight “shirt jacket” with no fill and two inner pockets for concealed weapons. Suggested retail is $199.99. Steve Young, the company’s VP of sales and distribution, said that the First lineup of gear with pockets for concealed weapons has grown into a top seller since its debut about three years ago. Another new product in the line, with two concealed-weapon pockets, is an all-weather club vest that reminds one of the style made popular by the “Sons of Anarchy” TV show.

Fuse Powersports, a division of Cambridge Metals and Plastics, has introduced a new line of front receiver hitches to complement its selection of rear ones. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, these hitches have a 100 lb. tongue weight capacity, accept all standard 2-inch drawbars, and incorporate a truck-inspired trim ring. The front receivers will not interfere with most winches, the company claims. Applications include the Ranger, Grizzly, Rancher 420, Brute Force, King Quad, Outlander, Mule 610 and Rincon. MSRP is $89.95.

Also new from Fuse Powersports is the Hydro-Turn hydraulic turn kit that bolts to the customer’s Moose, Eagle or Cycle Country plow. The kit allows the rider to turn the plow’s blades via a handlebar switch. Suggested retail is $799.95.

GoPro was displaying the latest iteration of its popular action sport camera, the Hero3, which hit the market at the end of October. The main improvement to the camera is that Wi-Fi is now built-in. Before, customers had to buy a Wi-Fi accessory that attached to the camera. The camera is also 30 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than previous models, according to GoPro.

Dealers are stocking two versions of the Hero3: the Black Edition retailing for $399.99 and the Silver Edition retailing for $299. The Black Edition features a more powerful camera and comes with a Wi-Fi remote control. Customers who buy the Silver Edition can buy the remote separately.

Designed in Australia, the Helmetlok allows riders to secure their helmet, jacket or bag to their motorcycle. The lock fits up to a 1.5-inch bar. No key is required. Instead, customers set their own four-digit code. Suggested retail is $25. The company also offers separately packaged Helmetlok Cables that can expand the use of the Helmetlok. They retail for $7. (Continued.)