Indy 2013: Thirty new products and services you may have missed

Publish Date: 
Feb 19, 2013
By Arlo Redwine

Hindle was previewing a Vintage line of exhaust systems that it plans to launch this spring. The systems will emulate looks from the 1970s and 1980s. Applications will include the Kawasaki KZ1000, the Suzuki GS1000S and GSXR750/1100, the Yamaha JF11/12 and Honda CB900s.

Interphone now offers an iPhone 5 case that comes with either a tubular handlebar mounting kit or a nontubular mounting kit. Both options use a ball-and-socket mount that permits the phone to rotate 360 degrees. The case’s outer shell is hard plastic; the inside of the case has an anti-shock rubber liner. The cases’ touchscreen is coated with a film that shields the phone’s touchscreen. Access to the iPhone’s headphone jack, volume control buttons, home button, ring/silence button, battery charger and camera is still available while the phone is sealed in the case. MSRP starts at $69.99.

Interphone also has a new case and mount for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Galaxy III, as well as a new display for dealers.

Klotz was displaying new lubricants for ATVs and side-by-sides, including 0W/40 ATV/UTV Synthetic Engine Lubricant and 80W/90 ATV/UTV Synthetic Hypoid Gear Lubricant for the front/rear end differential. Both retail for $13.50 per quart and are API- and JASO-certified. Klotz recommends the 0W/40 lubricant for Polaris and John Deere vehicles.

Liquid Image was showing its Torque HD and Torque HD+ goggles with built-in video cameras, both of which started to ship in December. “We announced this last year as just one product, but decided to make two models to meet different price points,” said Melanie Pearson, VP of Liquid Image. The Torque HD retails for $299.99; the Torque HD+ for $399.99. The Torque HD+ adds Wi-Fi for live streaming to smartphones and tablets.

In video mode, both goggles record HD 1080P video up to 30 fps and HD 720P up to 60 fps. Photo mode records 12.0 MP images through a 135-degree lens.

The snow versions of the Torque and Torque HD+ are called the Apex HD and Apex HD+.

Liquid Image also has a new Ego Mini mountable HD action camera with Wi-Fi, as well as a number of new accessories for the original Ego, including some available in a camouflage print.

Maxima Racing Oils launched at the show a new line SXS oils specifically for side-by-sides, including SAE 10W40 engine oil, transmission oil and 80W90 gear oil.

The latest ATV/side-by-side desert tire from Maxxis is the Coronado. The company said it formulated the tire’s long-wearing compound for high speeds and high temperatures. The tire’s 8-ply-rated radial carcass combines shock absorption with puncture resistance. The Coronado’s aggressive tread pattern extends well over the shoulder area for increased sidewall protection and features stepped lugs to provide multiple biting edges. Only 25-inch sizes are available at the moment, but others are on the way, a company rep said.

Another new ATV/side-by-side Maxxis tire is the Snow Beast. Wide spacing between large-surface-area lugs allows the tire to clear itself of wet snow on each rotation. A large contact patch helps the tire keep traction during winter weather.

Motul will soon be introducing new formulation and new packaging for its 300V and 800 2T oils. Prices will remain the same. One change: “Core Ester” will replace “Double Ester.” According to reps at the booth, performance will improve, but the oils will still have their customary sweet smell (reportedly due to coconut oil) and green color.

National Cycle now makes three VStream windshields for the Victory Cross Country. Customers can select from the “Shorty” in a rich dark tint, which is about 2 inches shorter than the original; the “Mid Size,” which is the same height as the original but with a light tint; and the “Tourer” model in clear and 2 inches taller than the original windscreen. The Tourer provides more resistance to buffeting for the rider and passenger. All three windshields are made of FMR hard-coated polycarbonate.

National Cycle also offers a new Vstream windshield for the Triumph Tiger 800XC.

U.K.-based Oxford has long been a major brand of motorcycle luggage (with a lifetime guarantee), heated grips, covers, security locks, and a wide variety of other accessories. But its presence in the U.S. has been limited by its regional distributors’ stocking decisions. That has changed. Last November, Oxford opened its own office and warehouse in Jacksonville, Fla., and is now selling not only through distributors, but dealer-direct through its relationship with dealer-direct facilitator D2M.

Oxford was at Dealer Expo explaining to dealers the benefits of creating an Oxford section in their stores. The company is eager to help dealers merchandise and design such in-store boutiques.

In about two weeks Pacific Power Sports in Murrieta, Calif., will begin stocking new Mottowear motorcycle jeans and selling them dealer-direct. Dealer Expo was the European brand’s launch in the United States. The company was founded in 2002 and has an office and factory in Poland. The full line of jeans will have retail prices that range from $129 to $160 and will include a full-black model for a dressy look. All the jeans are Kevlar-reinforced and have CE-approved protectors at the knees. A company rep said that unlike other rider jeans, Mottowear jeans do not have unsightly stitching on the knees. The jeans are lightweight and breathable, he added. (Continued.)