INDY LIVE 2012: Brock's Performance proves service makes the sale

Publish Date: 
Feb 17, 2012

Brock’s Performance has made a name for itself in drag racing with components that win races. While that’s never going to change, owner Brock Davidson has made it his mission to provide customer service and support that’s equally as fast.

Brock’s already offers a high level of direct customer support with online setup and fuel mapping support. In the last year, Brock has invested heavily in the infrastructure behind the products as well. “One of the things we really concentrated on was our customer service,” explains Davidson. “We sell premium products, but people that have money are willing to spend it. They have to know that it’s a quality product and that we’re going to be there to stand behind our product and really service them.”

Part of that service involves supporting Brock’s dealers with new tools. “We invested in an inventory management system, an integrated bar code system that directly shows product online once it enters our building,” says Davidson. “It’s extremely convenient for dealers. About 60 percent of dealers are placing their orders online. The Internet has changed the economy, and customers may not come to the dealership just to place an order. So each of our dealers has an independent address book with customer information. We’ll blind ship directly to the customer, saving that extra step and extra time.”

Brock’s has used the time granted by the slower economy to prepare for the recovery that is beginning to show. “We’re a small company and we’re growing quickly,” states Davidson. “Overall, over the last couple of years, we’ve been averaging about 10 percent up per year. But right now, year to date, we’re up 94 percent from last year. We haven’t had any trouble fulfilling that level of business; our new system can handle it. Dealers need to see the quality of our product and find out how easy our new system is to use, to see the level of service we can provide to them.”

Meet Brock Davidson, and land speed racer Bill Warner, who will be signing autographs, at Booth 3949.

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