INDY LIVE 2012: Glowrite has a bright idea for signage

Publish Date: 
Feb 17, 2012

Looking for a way to do your part to help the environment? Just spotted on the show floor is a not only green but economical way to brighten up your store signage. Glowrite (Booth 4767) LED signs allow users to write temporary messages that can light up in seven different colors. You can change your message (using an included temporary marker that lasts up to one year) as well as your light-up colors at whim. Signs also have a function that will change colors automatically. Messages can be wiped off with ease. Signs also can be engraved, should you want to include a permanent store or brand logo. The lightweight Glowrite boards are available in three sizes, and in single- and double-sided form. The company says that each board, because of its LED technology, will last for more than 10 years, and also is low in energy consumption, so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The two smaller sizes (12”x18” and 19”x25”) can either be hung, or placed on a countertop, while the largest size (24”x33”) is only available in hanging form. All chains for hanging as well as tabletop posts are included in the kit.

Glowrite is offering special savings on these signs if they’re purchased at the show.