INDY LIVE 2012: JRI shock design cuts hysteresis by 30 percent

Publish Date: 
Feb 18, 2012

JRI shocks are new to Indy, but not new to the business of manufacturing shock absorbers. Jeff Ryan, the founder and president of the company got his start in the shock business with Fox and then progressed from there to building shock absorbers for Formula 1 cars and working for Roger Penske ultimately building shocks for NASCAR, NHRA, road and oval racing, both pavement and dirt.

They’ve been involved building shocks for motorcycles for the past three years including those for James Stewart’s J. G. RMX racing team. They’ve slowly expanded their product offerings and have fitments for dirt, street, drag, road racing, and will soon have product for Harley-Davidsons and ATVs.

JRI shocks claim an advantage over competitors with a piston design that reduces hysteresis by 30 percent, a larger reservoir that produces 48 percent less gas spring rates and reduces heat build up, along with reduced friction and side loading effects through a fully floating bearing carrier resulting in more energy being dissipated through the fluid and not thru the friction of the components.

Dealers who order through Feb. 24 will receive a 30 percent discount. You can see them at Booth 3676 at the American V-Twin Dealer Show.

– Mike Vaughan