INDY LIVE 2012: Klim's booth displays can be yours (really)

Publish Date: 
Feb 17, 2012

Klim is the manufacturer of note when it comes to the kind of riding gear your customers want to be wearing come the apocalypse. Its Adventure Rally jacket is a cross between a rhino and a Swiss Army knife.

Already a big player in the snowmobile market, the company has since launched a strong play into the enduro and adventure riding scene with such jacket/pant combos as the Badlands Pro and Latitude.

Now the folks from Rigby, Idaho are looking to help dealers better retail this rugged lineup of products. Stop by Klim's booth (6001) and see the displays created entirely from the company's in-store POP. The very setup you see here in Indy is a display you can have in your dealership.

"The booth represents what you can do with your whole store," says Klim's Mark Kincart. The POP also features the apparel company's interactive displays containing QR codes that allow consumers to view video of single-track riding or read more on the importance of layering by scanning the symbols with their smartphones.

– Dennis Johnson