INDY LIVE 2012: Motor Trike unveils Victory Vortex

Publish Date: 
Feb 17, 2012

Motor Trike Friday pulled the wraps off the exciting new Victory Vortex trike . The kit is designed to bolt up to a 2011 or 2012 Victory Cross Country, upgrading it from two to three wheels with plenty of style.

Trikes have been growing in popularity, and the staff of Motorcycle Bagger reports an increase in requests for high quality three-wheelers . This handsome new conversion should fit the bill. According to Motor Trike’s Jeff Vey, the basic kit, which is sold only in Motor Trike and/or Victory dealers, retails for $8995, which includes everything except the paint and installlation.

The basic kit includes full independent rear suspension (IRS) with an on-board air compressor that is activated by finger tip controls on the handlebars. The trike body is styled to compliment the lines of the standard Victory, right through to the stock Victory tail lights. There is a standard 12-volt power accessory outlet in the trunk.

Motor Trike (Booth 1340) offers a number of accessories for this model including trunk carpet, trailer hitch and fender bras for the rear fenders.

– Buzz Kanter, American Iron Magazine