INDY LIVE 2012: Motorex and Twin Air collaborate for cleaner greatness

Publish Date: 
Feb 18, 2012

Motorex USA (Booth 1702) and Twin Air have partnered to develop two new air cleaner products: Motorex Bio Liquid Power foam air cleaner oil and Motorex Bio Dirt Remover.

The biodegradable cleaners are for reusable foam filters on enduro and motocross bikes as well as ATVs. The cleaners are not enhancements of previous products; they’ve been developed completely from scratch.

“These products are the result of a closely coordinated effort by Motorex and Twin Air, delivering all the combined racing experience of both companies,” says Motorex’s Ronald Kabella. “Maximum air flow ensures maximum engine power, while the achieved intake air purification minimizes wear and tear, enhancing reliability.”