INDY LIVE 2012: Schuberth unveils S2, SR1 full-face helmets

Publish Date: 
Feb 18, 2012

After establishing a beachhead with the C3 modular helmet, Schuberth (Booth 1409) is ready to triple its American lineup, unveiling two new helmets this weekend.

When the U.S. division of Schuberth was launched a little over a year ago, it was only after careful consideration on the part of the German parent company, according to technical service manager Mike Talarico. Schuberth aimed squarely at the existing modular helmet customer base and primarily BMW dealers. The C3 helmet has been a success, however, with one BMW dealer proudly noting that the Schuberth brand has outsold the other four brands stocked combined.

That success has paved the way for the new S2 and SR1 full-face helmets. Both incorporate many of Schuberth’s key features, such as a focus on noise reduction and useful additions not found in competing models. The new S2 can be considered a conventional version of the modular C3, with a few refinements such as an integrated FM/Bluetooth antenna.

The SR1 is Schuberth’s latest racing model, aimed at the top-spec track day use. However, both helmets are designed and built as premium products, as Schuberth has no intention of watering down its premium lineup.

“We’re not going to forget who we are,” states Talarico. “Who this company serves is in prime focus.”

Schuberth has been in business for 90 years and supports riders like Michael Schumacher and Danica Patrick, as well as making helmets for a variety of police and military forces. The focus on the brand itself is evident when you visit the booth, as the aim was for more of a museum style, according to Talarico, than a simple rack of product, with simple styling and iPad interactive displays. – Bruce Steever