INDY LIVE 2012: ZiiOS to update PSN website inventories in real time

Publish Date: 
Feb 17, 2012

DMS developer ZiiOS is revealing at Dealer Expo the first phase of its real-time data integration with website services provider PowerSports Network.

ZiiOS claims that real-time availability of P&A inventory marks a change within the industry. Other DMS and website integrations, the company says, only refresh the dealer’s inventory a few times a day. The integration between ZiiOS and PSN dealership websites will offer instantaneous updates. The moment a P&A purchase is made through the DMS, inventory levels will automatically be adjusted on the dealer’s website.

“This is an exciting time which will revolutionize the powersports DMS market. Having real-time inventory numbers makes a significant improvement to a customer’s experience. A dealer will absolutely have that part or accessory in stock when a customer looks at it on the dealer’s website. Lag times are now nonexistent,” says ZiiOS VP Curtis Conner.

Dominion Dealership Data XChange, or DX3, is the core technology behind the real-time availability integration. Later this year, Dominion Powersports Solutions will introduce major unit integration between ZiiOS’ DMS, a PSN dealer website and (Dominion is owner of all three providers.)

“We’re very excited to help dealerships improve their operational efficiencies through our DX3 technology,” said Gwyn Price, vice president of sales and marketing of Dominion Powersports Solutions. “This robust technology will save dealers from duplicating their efforts across their DMS and dealer website.”

The P&A integration is being demonstrated during the show at Booth 4731.