Indy Update: Build your P&A sales by going back to the basics

Publish Date: 
Jan 29, 2013
By Bruce Steever

THE ANNUAL Dealer Expo gives you the opportunity to grow your business with new products and services.

But this year, you might make a point to use your time to improve your business as well. One great way to simplify your parts sales is to reconsider the basics, such as the various maintenance parts that are easily overlooked compared to some of the flashier products.

Consider the humble motorcycle chain, a mechanically simple device that plays such an important role in making this industry fun. Instead of simply making sure you’ve ordered some more chains this year, head over to the D.I.D. booth. Since D.I.D. primarily sells through distributors, Dealer Expo gives you an opportunity to learn about the various products from the source, and make sure you are selling the right chain for the right applications.

Oil is another great area that’s sometimes overlooked — and that’s a shame, considering the amount of research that goes into modern powersports chemicals. Motul is using Dealer Expo to launch a sneak peek of its completely revised 2- and 4-stroke lubricant lineup. Stop by the booth to gain valuable technical advice such as the specified oils for the products you sell.

Compared to basics like oil and drivelines, batteries have seen quite a few new options just in the last few years. Leading the charge in the anti-lead brigade is Shorai. Shorai lithium batteries offer a raft of benefits, including lighter weight, more compact size, less self-discharge and fewer environmentally dangerous chemicals. Shorai offers a battery upgrade option that appeals to riders looking from everything from ease of use to improve performance.

Another standard component that can nearly always be improved compared to OEM parts is the humble headlight. Thanks to PIAA and other manufacturers, not only can lighting be significantly upgraded from stock, it makes a great upsell for your parts or service departments. In addition to the various high output replacement bulbs, PIAA also offers a variety of auxiliary lighting options for touring, adventure-touring and off-road applications. Stop by the booth to learn about fitments for the brands you sell.

You’ve likely noticed that OEM special tools are getting more and more expensive each year. Just as frustrated are your do-it-yourself customers. Do yourself and your DIY-ers a favor and stop by Motion Pro to check out the latest tools. Motion Pro not only offers a variety of “convenience tools” that make great last-minute counter sales, they also supply a variety of OEM-spec tools that can save you plenty of money in your service bay.

Finally, take a lap of Dealer Expo as you think about your own garage at home. What are the things you always need? A good bike lift (visit Pit Bull)? Cleaning chemicals and washes (Liquid Performance)? Or how about a new multi-tap battery charger (Yuasa)? All these things are available at Dealer Expo, so make the most of this year’s visit and stop by these and other booths to your parts area ready for an even better 2013. 

This story originally ran in the Dealernews February 2013 issue.