Infineon Raceway hosts first American TTXGP this weekend


Infineon Raceway has hosted countless motorcycle races over the years, but this weekend’s is sure to be the quietest: the first U.S. TTXGP race.

The first-ever zero-carbon motorcycle race in the United States will be part of the West Coast Moto Jam May 14-16.

The Time Trial Xtreme Grand Prix (TTXGP) U.S. Championships will take to the track for practice on Friday, with qualifying set for Saturday and the 11-lap feature race set for 11 a.m. Sunday.

TTXGP raced last year at the Isle of Man in Europe, but this is its first race on American soil. More than 10 race teams are expected to converge on the Sonoma Valley, including local entrants from San Francisco, Oakland, Sebastopol, San Mateo, Woodside, Palo Alto and Santa Rosa.

TTXGP is a race series for zero-carbon, clean-emission electric race bikes.

All TTXGP entrants have built unique prototype machines, and regulations have been designed to put cutting-edge innovations on the track. Each team has redefined power trains, ergonomics and energy storage systems.

Posted by Holly Wagner